Luduci Niamh of Whissgig


Luduci Niamh of Whissgig more commonly known as Saffron, is absolutely fabulous and was born on 17th March 2010.  As our first Spinone she was certainly a learning curve although she settled into the Clumber pack quickly and easily and has since had her younger half sister Bracken join her giving us double trouble.  Saffy is a real daddys girl and loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa in the evenings after a hard day causing trouble with her best friends Bracken and Beckis.

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Health Test Results
Hip Scores – 4/4 (8)

Elbow Scores – Grade 0

Cerebellar Ataxia – Hereditary Clear

Eye Test – Tested Clear (05/02/2012)

Heart Test – Tested Clear (05/02/2012)