Luduci Kiss and Tell about Whissgig AW(B)

Bracken at Diamond Show 2015

Bracken at Diamond Show 2015

Luduci Kiss and Tell about Whissgig, better know as Bracken (fondly known as Noodles) was born March 24th 2011 and is Saffy’s half sister.  She is a lovely Orange Roan girl who still loves to play with Ollie, Saffy and the pups causing havoc wherever they go and turning the house and garden into a race track.

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Bracken has retired from showing because she would rather be doing agility.  She LOVES agility – we began training with Chippenham Agility Club in 2012 and started to compete in 2015. In 2016 Bracken moved up to Grade 2 and gained her Agility Warrant Bronze, a fantastic season.


Bracken is a typical Spinone, loyal and loving she is eager to learn (as long as there is food involved) and her and Pam have great fun training at Obedience and Agility.  She gained her Silver Good Citizenship Certificate and is currently working towards her Gold.